About Us

Martel UAS,  is a Delaware based business, designed to successfully offer cutting edge Unmanned systems, delivered and supported by top tier master technicians, pilots, and instructors, who are dedicated to serving local businesses, especially governmental municipalities, agencies, and departments. Drone technology continues to advance, and it has proven its worth as a critical and cost effective tool, across a wide array of industries. At Martel UAS, we are pleased to assist organizations as they explore these new technologies, and open them to new worlds, both aerial and underwater.  Whether you are looking to add new technology to your existing Unmanned fleet, or just entering into the field of Unmanned systems and need help navigating, we are here to help.  Feel free to reach out to our Drone Specialists, and let them help with your project needs.

Ready to Fly?

So are we! Tell us about your project and we’ll reach out to discuss the next steps for building a flight plan and project estimate.

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